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The DIRFloortime® Training Program

The DIRFloortime® Training Program

The original and official DIR® and DIRFloortime® (AKA Floortime®) training program

Welcome to the DIRFloortime® Training Program!  ICDL offers many courses from short 3 hour workshops that are open to everyone and anyone all the way through to our DIRFloortime Expert course for advanced professionals that achieve expert level status and may be approved by ICDL to formally teach the ICDL certificate courses.  Wherever you are on that learning journey, we welcome you to our program!

Professionals and Paraprofessionals

The DIRFloortime® Training Program is open to anyone who wants to learn the DIR® model and DIRFloortime® approach that is based on respectful, meaningful interactions tailored to each person's individual differences and promoting each person's development to their fullest potential.  While the DIRFloortime Certificate courses are rigorous and it can help a great deal to have an advanced degree in a related field, there are actually no college or university education prerequisites to take DIR 101 - DIR 202 or to earn a DIRFloortime Assistant (DFA) certificate.  DIR 203 (Advanced Certificate course) and DIR 204 (Expert Certificate course) have specific degree requirements.  Please see the curriculum page for specific prerequisite requirements and exceptions.  

A DIRFloortime® Certificate is intended to be a supplemental specialty to your current profession/occupation (occupational therapist, speech therapist, teacher, psychologist, etc.).  It is not a stand-alone certification.  As such, the DIRFloortime® certificates do not qualify, license, or otherwise certify you to work in any way that you are not already credentialed and/or licensed and/or otherwise certified by applicable local, state, national, or other entity responsible for such qualification.  The DIRFloortime® training is intended to provide you with a rich framework for which you can work within your field of practice.  


Parents are welcomed to join any of our courses.  However there are a few things to know.  The DIR 101 course is designed for parents, professionals, students, and paraprofessionals. All are welcome in this course.  The DIR 201-202 courses are designed for professionals and paraprofessionals, but we welcome parents to join these as well.  Parents can join in two ways.  Either they can audit the course or they can take the course as a professional or paraprofessional.  If a parent audits a 201 or 202 course, the registration fee is reduced and the parent does not participate in the case presentation section of the course.  The parent may be a part of all lectures, discussions, and view presentations from other students, but the course is not intended to provide direct support to the parents who are enrolled.  This course structure is designed to train participants in the DIRFloortime model and as such, it is not an appropriate or ethical setting for the Training Leaders to coach parents about their own child.  We strongly recommend that a parent connect with a Floortime practitioner in their area for coaching regarding their own child as the optimal way to implement Floortime.  ICDL also offers individualized virtual (live online) Floortime consultations for parents through our DIR® Institute.  

If a parent takes a 201 or 202  course as a professional or paraprofessional, then they are engaging in the case presentation aspects of the course, but they are not permitted to present their own child.  They must present themselves using Floortime with a child other than their own.  Auditing the DIR 203 course is not permitted. 

Parents and caregivers are welcome to take our short courses as well. If a course is not designed to support parents, it will be indicated on the registration page.

The DIRFloortime® training model efficiently and effectively meets the needs of those who want to start using DIRFloortime® principles in their communities, and makes a difference in the lives of so many children and adults while being respectful of their interests and right for self-determination.

Professional Certificate Levels

There are four levels of the professional DIRFloortime® Certificate Program.  Completion of the DIR 101 Introduction to DIR® and DIRFloortime® is required to enter into the professional certificate program.  These are the four levels: 

This is a progressive assessment-based certificate program.  This means that you must successfully complete one course at a time to progress to the next.  Also, as an assessment-based certificate program, each participant's Floortime skills are assessed using an assessment rubric and each participant must earn a passing rating in order to earn the official certificate.  We strive not to make it overly difficult and we offer much support, however we also need to ensure that every person that earns a certificate meets basic quality standards.  ICDL also arranges mentoring and tutoring for participants that need additional support to complete a given certificate or expand their skills. Mentoring is an important part of becoming a DIRFloortime® practitioner and we strongly encourage our program participants to  engage in mentoring throughout their learning journey, regardless of their specific course outcomes. For more information, please visit our DIR® Institute  page 

Who should take DIRFloortime Professional Certificate courses? 

Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Psychologists, Counselors, Social Workers, Educators, Early Intervention Specialists, Day Care Professionals, Art Therapists, Music Therapists, Physical Therapists, Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Practitioners, Nurses, Doctors and any professional that supports the development of infants, children, young adults, and adults. 

DIRFloortime Assistant Certificate

This certificate is designed for DIRFloortime "players” or technicians that are often paraprofessionals, but can also be professionals, whose primary role is to provide fun, engaging, DIR-informed interactions with clients.  DFAs must work under the supervision of a DIRFloortime® Advanced or Expert level professional. DFA certificate is not intended for parents or caregivers.

There are two routes to becoming a DFA.  The first route is a 20-hour training program that is designed to provide the core training needed to get started as a DFA.  This route requires renewal every three years.  The second route is a 40-hour training program that results in earning a DIRFloortime® Basic Certificate which automatically qualifies individuals to serve as a DFA and does not require certificate renewal.  Click here to learn more.   

Advanced Certificate Fast Track

For USA-Based Licensed and/or Master's Degree Level Professionals

Due to the rapidly increasing demand for professionals with a DIRFloortime Advanced Certificate, ICDL has created a special DIRFloortime Advanced Certificate fast track.  We understand that there are situations where an Advanced certificate is being required to practice and we are helping professionals get there as quickly as possible while maintaining a high level of quality and ensuring fidelity to the Floortime approach.  Here are the steps to join the fast track option:

This is a rigorous process, but it allows professionals to begin working as an Advanced level professional in 4 months instead of a minimum of 12 months in the traditional program.  Please email us at fasttrack@icdl.com if you have any questions.

Continuing Education & Professional Development Credits

Please check each individual course offering for available professional continuing education credits.  Each offering can vary.  We have different continuing education pages and approvals for different courses and conferences.   You must check each individual offering.  

ICDL provides continuing education (CE) credits for certain professions. These CE credits are only available for courses ICDL offers directly. Available continuing education varies by course offering. Please check the specific course offering for continuing education information. Currently, many of ICDL's courses offer professional continuing education credits for:

In addition to courses offered by ICDL, our course catalog will also display courses licensed by ICDL that use the ICDL curriculum and are fully approved by ICDL to be official DIRFloortime® courses. However, ICDL does not provide CE credits for these courses. These are all clearly marked.  Please contact the provider of any ICDL licensed courses to inquire about CE credits.

Continuing Education Questions???  E-mail ceu@icdl.com.

DIRFloortime® Individual Mentoring

Mentoring is an important part of the DIRFloortime learning journey.  Whether you just want to expand your Floortime competency, engage in a self-reflective learning process, and/or have been recommended for mentoring following a DIRFloortime® professional certificate course like DIR 201, 202, or 203, the ICDL DIR® Institute experts are here to help.  To learn more and register, please click here.  

You can also arrange mentoring on your own by searching for mentors on our DIRectory website by clicking here. This does not include all eligible mentors, but shows all Expert Training Leaders that have indicated in their profile that this is an area they do work and would accept referrals.

Important Training Program Policies

You must take advantage of any promotions (promo codes) when you register for your course.  We are not able to issue refunds for promotions that are not entered at the time of registration.

Additional Information

Do you want to host a DIR® course at Your Center or in Your community?  Click Here

Other Related Training Programs

Most reputable and quality training programs, schools, agencies, and centers have progressed through ICDL courses and have permission from ICDL to offer trainings and/or to use the ICDL trademarks.  We have trainers all around the world leading officially licensed or approved courses.  Most of these ICDL licensed DIR® and DIRFloortime® courses can be found on our course pages on this website.

In addition to the ICDL licensed DIRFloortime® courses offered by our network around the world, there are a number of other organizations that also offer separate, but still valid, DIR® training courses.  

Training Programs Recognized by ICDL:

We are aware that there are training programs that have begun unofficial trainings that do not meet the ICDL requirements.  We encourage you to be careful as these trainings may not qualify for our internationally recognized certificate program and may not be appropriately training professionals.  Some organizations have gone as far as to create confusing names that resemble DIR®, DIRFloortime®, or Floortime®, but are not.  For example, we have seen "DRI", "floor-time", and other renditions that are not officially DIR® and may actually be ABA disguised as Floortime.  If you have any questions about any specific program, please email us at dirfloortimetraining@icdl.com.  

Important Notes

DIR® , DIRFloortime®, and Floortime® are registered trademark of ICDL in the USA and/or other countries internationally. Professionals or providers can only list themselves as a DIR® professional, provider, educator or describe their workplace as a DIR® clinic, school or center with the written permission of ICDL. Participants who successfully complete courses offered by ICDL will receive a certificate that states the level of competencies they have demonstrated and how they can list themselves.

While ICDL does not restrict access to DIR® and DIRFloortime® courses based on professional licenses or certifications, it is each individual person’s responsibility to ensure that they are only practicing or working within the legal and ethical scope of their professional field and the country, state, district, or region they practice.