Hosting a DIR® Course

Are you interested in hosting a course at your organization or in your community? 

Are You Interested in Hosting A DIR® Local Onsite Course?

ICDL provides both live online and live in-person local trainings around the world. In addition, we have the ability to provide hybrid trainings that utilize both live in-person sessions and live online sessions in one training course. These hybrid trainings are often desired by organizations that are arranging customized trainings for their staff and community. 

The first training that we provide live at an agency or in a community is the Introduction to DIR Floortime training that we refer to as DIR 101. This is a 2-day training (6 to 7 hours each day) that provides the foundation and introduction to the DIR model/paradigm and the Floortime intervention. The DIR 101 training is an interactive lecture-based training that typically has from 20 to 100 participants. 

The advanced practitioner trainings are all practicum courses where participants learn how to implement Floortime and share their experiences doing so in a supportive learning environment. These are intensive trainings that require 28 hours of live class time either online and/or on site. These courses are the DIR 200 level courses starting with DIR 201.

If you are interested in arranging a training in your community or for your organization, please contact Jeff Guenzel, ICDL CEO, at  He and the ICDL staff will work with you to develop a customized training plan that meets your needs. You can also set up a meeting time with Jeff by clicking here.