DIRFloortime Assistant (DFA) Certificate

Playing with Purpose

What is a DFA?

This certificate is designed for DIRFloortime "players” or technicians that are often paraprofessionals, but can also be professionals, whose primary role is to provide fun, engaging, DIR-informed interactions with clients.  DFAs must work under the supervision of a DIRFloortime® Advanced or Expert level professional. 

There are two routes to becoming a DFA.  The first route is a 20-hour training program that is designed to provide the core training needed to get started as a DFA.  This route requires renewal every three years.  The second route is a 40-hour training program that results in earning a DIRFloortime® Basic Certificate which automatically qualifies individuals to serve as a DFA and does not require certificate renewal.  

The 20-hour DFA Training Track

The core requirements:

1. Complete a live-online or in-person DIR 101 course (12-hours)  in the last 2 years

2. Complete an 8-hour DIR 102: Playing with Purpose DIRFloortime Assistant (DFA) training course

Please note that  you must have completed DIR 101 within the last 2 years . DIR 101 and DIR 102 can not be taken concurrently. This 20-hour training track is designed to provide the core knowledge to support the implementation of effective DIR-informed interactions and relies on ongoing supervision and coaching from Advanced and/or Expert level DIRFloortime professionals to support ongoing effective practice by DFAs.  

DFA Certificate Renewal:

DFA certificates expire in 3 years following issue.  When it is time to renew, if the DFA is able to provide a letter of recommendation for renewal from a direct supervisor who possesses a DIRFloortime® Advanced or Expert Certificate, then the DFA will only be required to attend a 6-hour renewal course.  If the DFA does not have a letter of recommendation and/or more than 48 months have passed since the DFA certificate expired, then certificate seekers must then complete the 40-hour training option to earn a DIRFloortime Basic Certificate. 

The 40-hour DFA Training Track

All individuals with at least a Basic DIRFloortime® certificate are automatically credentialed to meet the requirement to serve as a DFA.  This route to becoming a DFA requires a total of 40 hours of training (12 hours of DIR 101 and 28 hours of DIR 201) instead of the 20-hour standard DFA training.  There is no expiration for a Basic DIRFloortime® certificate as there is with a standard DFA certificate earned following 20 hours of training so there is no need to renew every three years.  We encourage any individual that is intending to work as a DFA long-term to invest in becoming a DIRFloortime® Basic certificate provider.  DFA's with the 40-hour training must still engage in appropriate supervision and in many cases are required by governmental or insurance regulations to be supervised by a DIR-Advanced or Expert level professional.  

Important Policies

The DFA without a Basic DIRFloortime® certificate can only engage in DIRFloortime under the direct supervision of an Advanced or Expert level DIR professional.  

Please note, DIRFloortime® certificates verify the level of DIRFloortime® training a person possesses.  DIRFloortime® certificates alone do not independently provide a person any authority to practice or provide services to others.  A DFA’s authority or authorization to practice or provide services to clients comes from the laws, regulations, and rules within their state, province, country, or other authorizing authority that gives them the authority to practice or provide services to others. 

Please be aware that the requirements and rules for earning and maintaining a DFA certificate are subject to change.