201 Terms & Conditions

DIR 201 Eligibility Statement:

In order to be eligible to register for this DIR 201 class, you must have attended DIR 101 or another ICDL approved introductory course.

If you are taking this course as a "Basic Provider" (this is the certificate earning option for professionals) you understand that you must have children or other individuals with challenges in FEDCs 1 - 4 that you can work with  and video record so you can present 2 video recorded case presentations during the course.  You also understand that you can not present yourself working with a child that is your own or a family relative. 

If you are a Review Student working toward your Basic DIRFloortime Provider Certificate, you must certify that you have completed this course previously (took the class as a professional working towards a Certificate of Competency). Please note that auditing the course is not considered "completing" it. If you have audited the course in the past and now would like to work towards your Professional Certificate, you need to use the "Certificate course for Professionals" registration option and not the "Review student" option. 

If you are an Auditing student, you must certify that you understand that this course will NOT lead to a DIRFloortime Provider Certificate nor will it be eligible for continuing education credits. Your attendance does not entitle you to represent yourself as a DIRFloortime Provider. You understand that, to become a DIRFloortime Provider, this course does not count toward any prerequisite.

Course Curriculum and Course Requirements

There are many requirements to successfully complete this course.  It is the participants responsibility to know the course curriculum (https://www.icdl.com/courses/curriculum) and be prepared to:

Student Confidentiality Statement

In order to improve and refine your Floortime skills, this course includes a requirement to record yourself with children, parents, professionals, and/or other caregivers and to view videotape of fellow students working with children, parents, professionals, and/or other caregivers. The parents of these children have generously agreed to grant video recording permission for this purpose. In addition, you may view and discuss video of other parents, children and professionals, whose identities could be known to you. As this is considered personal health information, there is a need for a high level of confidentiality. Please read below:

I have carefully read and reviewed this Student Confidentiality Statement. I understand it fully and I agree to it voluntarily. By completing the registration for this course, I am affixing my signature to this document and agreeing to all terms.

Plagiarism and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Use Policy 

DIRFloortime® Training Program is an educational program approved by many Continuing Education providers. Upholding academic integrity requires our program participants to cite sources accurately, give credit to the creators of ideas and information, and produce original work that reflects their own understanding of DIR and related concepts. Plagiarism, including the use of AI-generated content without proper attribution or authorization, is prohibited. ICDL and its Training Leaders may use AI-based plagiarism detection tools to identify and deter plagiarism in participants’ submissions

Ethical Practices

All presentations must avoid any unacceptable practices as outlined in the "For Whose Benefit: Evidence, Ethics, and Effectiveness of Autism Interventions".   Participants must maintain a high level of ethics in their practice.  

Embracing Diversity

Class presentations, discussions, and forum posts should embrace diversity, including neurodiversity, in an accepting and appreciative manner.  We also ask that participants work to avoid ableist acts and language.  Disability rights activist Lydia X. Z. Brown (a keynote presenter at a past ICDL conference) has published a comprehensive glossary of ableist terms that can be a helpful guide. 

Letter of Understanding

I understand that the DIRFloortime® program does not qualify, license, or otherwise certify me to work in any way that I am not already credentialed and/or licensed and/or otherwise certified by appropriate local, state, national, or other entity responsible for such qualification.

I further understand that the DIRFloortime® Training Program is an educational program for individuals to demonstrate competencies in DIRFloortime® theory and practice. It will provide education on how to work with different children and with individuals of different profiles in various settings. There are five core courses that form this Certificate program with Certificates of Competency provided at the successful completion of each course beginning with DIR 201.

DIR 201 is designed for those beginning DIRFloortime practice who want to establish basic mastery of DIRFloortime®. This course focuses upon Functional Emotional Developmental Capacities 1-4. Successful completion of this course entitles students to be called a Basic DIRFloortime® provider.

I understand that this is an assessment based certificate program.  As such, I accept the assessment of my training leaders as final.  I understand that individual mentoring and tutoring is strongly encouraged but not required to complete this training. I understand, however, if I am unable to demonstrate competencies for the course I have attended, I may be required to receive additional tutoring to help me further develop and strengthen my skills. I also may be recommended to receive additional tutoring or mentoring to deepen my skills prior to enrolling in the next level course. I understand that all recommendations should be completed prior to continuing on to the next course and that if I do not complete them, I may not be able to demonstrate sufficient competencies for each successive course.

I also understand that I will be required to submit 2 case presentations during this DIR 201 course.  Case presentations are video recordings of yourself using Floortime with an individual (child or adult). Throughout the program, at a minimum, by the end of DIR 201 you will have to have presented at least one child in your 2 case presentations, at the end of DIR 202 you will have to have presented at least 2 different children between the 4 case presentations in DIR 201 and 202, and at the end of DIR 203 you will have to have presented 3 different children's cases in the 6 case presentations combined in DIR 201, 202, and 203.  Simply put, you can not present the same child/family throughout your learning journey.  Training leaders may require additional cases to be presented over this minimum as well.  Furthermore, you also understand that you can not present yourself working with a child that is your own or a family relative. 

The DIRFloortime® Training Program and the relations established by and between ICDL and its students do not constitute a partnership, joint venture, franchise, agency or contract of employment.

An outline of the current basic requirements for the Program is listed on our website www.icdl.com. ICDL reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to alter, amend, expand or otherwise modify the requirements for its programs, at any time, without notice. The determination as to successful completion of the Certificate Program requirements will be solely that of ICDL. A participant in good standing can identify her or himself as a student in the DIRFloortime® Training program.

I have reviewed and understand the learning objectives and conditions for this course.

I understand these terms fully and I agree to them voluntarily. By completing the registration for this course, I am affixing my signature to this document and agreeing to all terms. (This is agreed upon at the time of registration for the course.)