ICDL Trademarks

ICDL Trademarks

DIR®, DIRFloortime®, and Floortime®

ICDL has been the organization leading the development of DIR®, Floortime®, and the DIRFloortime® approach and as such holds registered trademarks in the United States and/or many other countries throughout much of the world for the above names.

ICDL is committed to expanding the use of the DIRFloortime® model and appreciates the many professionals around the world that share this mission. However, if the agency, organization, school, or individual does not expressly indicate that they are using our trademark(s) with permission from ICDL, then they may not be recognized by ICDL, and may be using the trademark illegally. ICDL has no way to ensure the quality of the care or training of those not associated with ICDL.

We encourage you to contact the ICDL CEO if you have any concerns about whether a provider or organization has permission to use the ICDL trademarks or to determine if the trainings being offered are eligible for the DIRFloortime® Certificate Program.

If you are a provider or agency wishing to use any ICDL trademarks or are seeking approval for a training, please contact the ICDL CEO to request authorization and approval. ICDL supports the use of DIRFloortime® (also known as Floortime®) and DIR® by providers that share our mission of helping every child achieve his or her greatest potential. Please simply contact us in advance for approval. Thank you.