Make a Payment to ICDL


Please click here to make an online payment to ICDL.

If you need to make a payment for a course and are not sure what you owe,

just e-mail us at

Postal Mail

Alternatively, you can also send a check payable to ICDL and mail it to:


4938 Hampden Lane, Suite 800

Bethesda, MD 20814

Bank Wire Transfer

ICDL can accept bank wire transfers, but you must send a copy of the receipt of the wire transfer so we have the information we need to attribute the payment to you and apply it to your account. For wire transfer instructions, please email us at Please email the payment receipt to


ICDL can accept payments to our PayPal account. Please send payments to Please also e-mail us the information on what the payment is to be used for and for whom.