2022 GALA

2022 Gala and

DIR® Champions Awards Event

with a live-online concert performed by Blue Spectrum

DIR® Lifetime Champion

Dr. Kathleen Platzman

Dr. Platzman has passionately served ICDL and the DIR community for many years. She has been a leader and guide for so many in the DIR community. As a psychologist at Floortime Atlanta, an instructor in the DIRFloortime® Training Program, a mentor, a professor, and voluntarily serving as the Chief Advisor for the DIRFloortime® Training Program, Dr. Platzman has given so much to advance the mission of ICDL. The mission of ICDL is "to make a positive impact in people’s lives by promoting and championing a developmental and relationship-based approach to human development and learning." Every day she champions DIR and strives to make a great world where everyone has the opportunity to grow, develop, and flourish.

Come join us on October 30th to honor Kathy and to share your love for her and her dedication to all of us and to DIR.

2022 Gala Recap

ADIR® Champion Awards

ICDL awarded five 2022 DIR Champion awards for worthy individuals and groups that have shown exceptional effort in championing DIR over the past year. The 2022 DIR Champions are:

Liliana Radu (Romania)

October 30, 2022

Special Live Online Concert!

Blue Spectrum

Gwendolyn and Gene Harshaw:

Following their son's lead.

At 4 years old Zayne was diagnosed with autism. Gwen will share how they found strength through Zayne’s gifts instead of focusing on his weaknesses. Today, Zayne is a member of the band Blue Spectrum which has 2 other autistic members. He taught himself to play the guitar. Music has really transformed him from a painfully shy boy to an extremely confident musician. Gwen’s son’s diagnosis has transformed her life. She will share her personal journey as a parent of a child on the spectrum and how following his passion brought him, and her and her husband Gene, to places they never expected. Click here to listen to a sample of Zayne's amazing guitar skills. His performance will be an incredible ending to our 2-day conference.