DIR 204 Learning Objectives

The DIR 204 course is designed to prepare a practitioner to be both an expert DIRFloortime provider and to become an ICDL Training Leader. 

Following successful completion of DIR 204, participants will be able to...


This is an intensive leadership course that helps participants develop competencies as Training Leaders in their communities and refine their application of the DIR model and Floortime principles at the expert level. This 14-week course requires at least 4 hours of practicum work every week, by participating as co-leaders of other courses (DIR 201-DIR 203) for 2 hours every week, help course participants prepare their presentations (approximately 30 minutes - 1 hour/week), work on their written assessment, supervised by the 204 Training Leader (approximately 30 minutes/week) and participate during the oral feedback sessions for participants (approximately 30 minutes/week). In addition, participants will meet with the DIR 204 course Training Leader every other week for 2 hours, where they will review readings related to adult education and reflective leadership, as well as demonstrate competencies of using video clips and PowerPoint presentations as training tools. Total time commitment for this course is approximately 5 to 6 hours per week.

Please review the current course schedule before registering to see if you will be available on any of the dates and times that other courses (201R, 202, and 203) are listed.  Please email dirfloortimetraining@icdl.com immediately with your three (3) course choices and list order of preference.  We will do our best to accommodate your request.