2021 Annual Report


2021 was a year of continued growth and financial stability. ICDL expanded the DIRFloortime® Training Program and services within the DIR® Institute. ICDL trained thousands of individuals. Due to COVID, live online programing, including the annual conference, dominated in-person events. In-person events and programing began to reemerge towards the latter part of 2021.

Key Developments

  • The DIRFloortime Training Program continued to show significant growth.

  • The DIR® Institute services including the DIR® Home Program, DIRFloortime® Intensives, DIR® Mentoring, and DIR® organization coaching and consultation all expanded in 2021.

  • ICDL's annual DIRFloortime® International Conference was live-online with over 800 participants from over 50 countries.

  • ICDL continued to expand course offerings in various languages.

  • ICDL's Board of Directors expanded to include people of color and autistic self-advocacy representation.

  • ICDL hired a parent advocate to join the ICDL team.

  • ICDL hired an autistic self-advocate of color to serve as ICDL's Diversity Advisor.

  • ICDL's staff expanded to include several new DIRFloortime® Experts and additional program staff to support the continued growth.

  • ICDL expanded employee benefits to align with our mission and vision that now better meet the needs of our employees.


To make a positive impact in people’s lives by promoting and championing a relationship-based developmental approach.


A world where individual differences are embraced and everyone achieves their fullest potential.


The DIR® model and DIRFloortime® approach.

We Value

Relationships: We value relationships because relationships fuel development.

Connections: We value the power of emotional connections because connections allow us to enter, share, and expand our world.

Respect: We value each person's unique individual differences.

Leadership: We value our leadership role in teaching the world about the power of a relationship-based developmental approach.

Results: We value results that have a lasting and empowering impact.

2021 Finances

ICDL's total revenue in 2020 was $1,539,039.

ICDL's total expenses in 2020 was $1,212,903.

ICDL's total revenue in 2021 was $1,907,677.

ICDL's total expenses in 2021 was $1,722,578.

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ICDL also had an independent audit completed to ensure our compliance with all standard accounting procedures.