Healthy Development

Promote Healthy Development

How does your child develop the miraculous abilities to love, think, communicate, and create, as well as to have self-control and feel compassion for others? Many child development theories focus on only one part of this puzzle, such as a child’s genes, cognitive skills, or a new way to set limits. In fact, what gives meaning to all parts of this puzzle and defines your child as a humane and intelligent person is their continuing relationship with you. There are six essential types of experiences that simultaneously promote your child’s intelligence and emotional growth:

Functional Emotional Developmental Capacities

Capacity One

Self-Regulation and Interest in the World

Help your baby look, listen, begin to move, and calm down.

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Capacity Two

Engaging and Relating

Woo your baby into engaging with you with pleasure and delight

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Capacity Three

Intentionality and Two-Way Communication

Follow your baby’s lead and challenge them to exchange gestures and emotional signals with you about their interests

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Capacity Four

Complex Communication and Shared Problem Solving

Become an interactive partner with your toddler as they learns to use a continuous flow of gestures with you to pursue their interests and meet their needs

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Capacity Five

Using Symbols and Creating Emotional Ideas

Enter your child’s make-believe world as a character in his/her dramas. Engage them in long conversations about their interests, desires, and even their complaints

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Capacity Six

Logical Thinking and Building Bridges Between Ideas

Challenge your child to connect their ideas together by seeking their opinion, enjoying their debates, and enlarging their pretend dramas.

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