DIR® "Intensives"

Intensive 1 to 4 Week-Long Intensive Floortime Programs

What is a dir® Intensive?

The DIR® Institute Intensive Floortime Program provides a comprehensive, in-depth approach that includes up to 27 hours of Floortime therapy and parent education a week. We provide functional emotional development assessments, sensory profile summaries, family support sessions, parent Floortime coaching utilizing hands-on and video review formats, family Floortime sessions, direct 1-on-1 Floortime sessions with the child, as well as a variety of program options like Floortime in the pool, DIR-informed feeding, sibling sessions, DIR at the playground, social skills development, and more.

Prior to starting an intensive we have a family team meeting with our team and the family to discuss goals, family and child strengths and needs, next steps, customized program elements, etc.

We are currently taking reservations for Floortime Intensive Programs. You can reserve a spot by contacting us directly at livingston@icdl.com with your preferred date. If you'd like to discuss potentially programming we would love to schedule a brief Zoom meeting with you.

Should you decide to sign up for our Intensive Floortime Program, please complete the registration form by clicking here.

Families traveling to New Jersey have used the Intensive time as a fun family vacation - visiting NYC, the local zoo, etc. We also have a room discount with our local hotel that is within walking distance to our center.


We are taking many additional precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of our families and staff. Until further notice, we will only be having one family per week at the DIR® Institute. This will reduce any possibility of spreading the virus. We also have intensive cleaning procedures, health screenings of all staff and clients each day, masks are mandatory for all that are able to wear them, we have hand sanitizing stations through our institute, and we utilize stringent hand washing protocols.

A Mom's Review

My family spent a month away from home, specifically so my two boys (and mom and dad) could have intensive services at ICDL, in Livingston, NJ.

From Monday through Friday, for four weeks, we participated in intensive services: Occupational Therapy (OT) to address motor planning and sensory integration; feeding therapy; floortime (both boys had this individually, small group, and regular family floortime sessions); counseling for the boys, (accomplished through play/floortime); and counseling for mom and dad (individually and couple). We regularly met with the team for coaching, debriefing, and general guidance.

A written review can't begin to explain the profound changes that occurred (and continue) within my children, within myself (mom), dad, and our family. My words fail to adequately convey the leaps and bounds my boys have grown, developmentally, emotionally, socially, etc. The sense of self-worth and joy they have gained is indescribable.

We (parents) were given the tools and support to continue floortime (it's a way of life and parenting-it's a way of relating in general) at home and thus continue the progress. Ive been able to have video-based coaching (I submit videos of play and we sort everything out or maybe just need support/guidance in some area). Also, they offer so many online training/support options that help parents strengthen their floortime families.

Our time at ICDL was life-changing, for my whole family, and especially my boys, who are thriving. I am forever grateful to Courtney, Jeff, Colette, and Stephanie. I sincerely love them and dearly miss them.

Amanda D.


The program costs varies depending on the program length:

  • A 1-week Intensive Floortime Program is $3,500

  • A 2-week Intensive Floortime Program is $6,750

  • A 3-week Intensive Floortime Program is $10,000

  • A 1-month Intensive Floortime Program is $13,250

Health Insurance

We are currently taking NJ Family Care and OPWDD with New York State for both of our Intensive Floortime Program and DIR Home Program. As of now, all other insurances do not cover our programs. If you are a member of either program, please contact us directly to help with your registration process. For families interested in either program who are located outside NJ or NY and have Self-Direction funds, please contact us directly for more information!