DIRFloortime® Training Program Curriculum

ICDL has developed a comprehensive DIR training program that leads to progressively advancing certificates in DIRFloortime. There are three groups of trainings offered. 1) The DIR 101 introductory training, 2) The DIRFloortime Certificate trainings, and 3) DIRFloortime electives that are designed to enhance and expand knowledge and skills in particular areas.

The DIR 101 course is the introduction to the DIR Model and is typically taught over two days and consists of a minimum of 11 hours of training. ICDL offers both live online DIR 101 course and onsite courses throughout the world. A list of available trainings can be found on our course offerings page. The DIR 101 course is a prerequisite to attend the DIR 201 course. ICDL can arrange for a DIR 101 course for your organization or your community.

The DIR 201 – DIR 204 courses are the core of the progressively advancing DIRFloortime Certificate program. The courses are typically designed with weekly interactions, utilizing the concepts of ongoing, applied learning. The convenient and accessible ICDL online courses use our virtual classrooms that allow for live presentations and video discussions. These courses are typically offered as 14 week semester courses, with weekly 2 hour sessions. Participants will have access, for each course, to recorded video lectures and readings in our secure course management system (Moodle). The community-based live trainings utilize the same curriculum, however the scheduling and exact session lengths may vary depending on the needs of the community and training leader. Furthermore, ICDL also has the ability to create these trainings as “hybrid” online and live session trainings to bring together both the convenience of online training with the real face-to-face experience of a live training.

DIR 101 – DIR 204 course Curriculum