ICDL's Mission and Vision

To engage in, develop, conduct, support, and disseminate programs, training, research, seminars, and publications on the prevention and treatment of emotional and development challenges in infancy and childhood.

To redefine and promote each child's development to their fullest potential.

The DIR® model and DIRFloortime® approach. 

We Strive to...
1.  Promote the developmental and relationship-based model of DIR®.
2.  Make DIRFloortime® available and accessible to all children and families.
3.  Train and educate parents and professionals around the world in DIRFloortime®.
4.  Help every child achieve his or her fullest potential.
5.  Provide the tools and supports needed by parents and caregivers to promote their child's development to their fullest potential. 
6.  Respect and embrace each person's individual differences.
7.  Promote collaboration and coordination amongst DIR® professionals and organizations.