Interactive E-Learning

We should maximize learning, maximize human development - Stanley Greenspan

A Flexible, Innovative & Interactive Distance Education

Students have access to distance learning via online classes accessed by logging onto the ICDL Virtual Classroom, a private interactive web platform housed on the ICDL website. The website platform includes all the course materials for which the student has registered, as well as interactive tools such as discussion forums and online chatting. This site also allows students to view instructional videos, which provide observational learning experiences such as role model assessment and interventions from experienced faculty. This flexible, innovative, long distance curriculum allows students to adjust their studies to their own daily schedule, an essential characteristic of a successful adult learning model.

Facilitating Student Interaction

The ICDL Graduate School, and the learning model it supports, considers human interaction as one of the cornerstones of any learning process.  Consequently, a priority of the ICDL Graduate School is to facilitate and encourage ongoing student interaction with other students and faculty. Therefore, the knowledge-based online courses are combined with and require participation in several interactive opportunities, including:

  • Online Forums
  • Weekly Class Discussions
  • Contact with Mentor Students
  • Regular contact with Faculty

Each practicum promotes student interaction with faculty, who supervise the clinical experience, as well as with other students taking the same course. Regular interaction with faculty is via email, with phone and/or video conferences strongly encouraged.  The ICDL Graduate School makes every effort to facilitate face-to-face interaction among students taking the same level courses and faculty when they live in the same region.  At least 20% of all clinical and research experience courses is spent in individual or group supervision with assigned ICDL Faculty.

Virtual Classroom

Enrolled students have access to the ICDL virtual classroom, a private web based platform with several innovative and interactive features. This platform contains all the pertinent materials for each course, including; the syllabus, course materials (e.g. lectures, assignments, required readings, collection of training videos), quizzes, and the professor’s grade book. The ICDL virtual classroom allows students to participate in active forum discussions and group sessions by instantly chatting with peers and faculty