Dissertation Requirements

Required (17 credits)


IMH 601

Dissertation Proposal

During the first part of the dissertation process, an ICDL Graduate School faculty member (dissertation advisor) guides the student in the steps necessary for reviewing and approving the proposal by the doctoral dissertation committee and the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Credits for this activity are obtained once the student has introduced all the recommendations given by the dissertation advisor, the Dissertation Committee, and the IRB, and all these three counterparts approve the final dissertation proposal.


IMH 602

Dissertation Presentation

The second part of the dissertation process involves conducting all the activities described in the approved proposal, writing a preliminary final report with the results of the activities, and preparing a presentation to be shared with the Dissertation Committee and other students of the School. The dissertation advisor is available to guide the student during this process, review the preliminary final report as well as the draft of the presentation, and give feedback on these products before presenting it to the Dissertation Committee and other students. Credits for this part are obtained once the dissertation advisor has approved the preliminary final report and presentation and the student has presented the dissertation to the Dissertation Committee.


IMH 603

Dissertation Completion

The final part of the dissertation process requires that the student satisfactorily answer all the questions raised by the Dissertation Committee, introduces all the recommendations given for the final report, and presents a final version to the Dissertation Committee for its approval. Credits-its for dissertation completion are obtained once the Dissertation Committee approves the final dissertation report.