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Radio Shows: Early Identification, Misdiagnosis, and Intervention


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The Misdiagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorders: The Most Important Signs of Progress
Identifying the proper way to make a diagnoses and what to look for as we monitor progress in children, as well as what to look for in a child in terms of healthy development.
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Finding the Best Program for Your Child
Answering the important question: How do we develop a comprehensive approach for a particular child, and how do we know which program elements or which particular techniques are going to be best for that child?
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The Do's and Don'ts of Early Identification and Early Intervention
Answering frequent questions and concerns regarding early identification and early interventions for young children.
Redefining the Standards of Care Part I
Redefining the standards of care for children with autistic spectrum disorders and other problems of relating and communicating by tailoring approaches to the each individual child.
Redefining the Standards of Care Part II: Answers to the Toughest Questions
Answers to the toughest questions regarding the DIR®/Floortime™ approach and a continuation of redefining the standards of care.
Neuroscience Research and its Relationships in the  DIRFloortime® Model
New advances in the biology of the brain and research findings for children at risk of an autistic spectrum disorder and how it relates to the  DIRFloortime® Model and early preventative interventions.
Making a Proper Diagnosis and Identifying Early Learning Challenges
How to make a proper diagnosis and how to use the  DIRFloortime® Model to identify early challenges in learning, for children with or without special needs, in order to create a proper intervention plan and take preventative actions.
Answers to Recent Questions About Creating a Program for Children with Special Needs
Challenges to families with special needs and the role of professionals in understanding how to put together a program for children with special needs, based on our  DIRFloortime® Model.
Early Identification for Developmental and Learning Challenges
The importance of early identification for developmental challenges and guidelines on picking up on these early signs through the DIR® approach of early identification.
Developmental and Behavioral Approaches
An overview of the two educational approaches of interventions: the developmentally based social interactions and the behavioral approaches.
Summary of Developmental and Behavioral Approaches
The summarization of the comparisons and distinctions between developmental and behavioral approaches.
The Misdiagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Why many children are misdiagnosed with autistic spectrum disorders and an overview of the criteria and process to help make a proper diagnosis.
The Misdiagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorders - Improved Version
An elaboration of the two primary reasons for the misdiagnosis of autistic spectrum disorders and understanding the healthy development framework in order to properly diagnosis autistic spectrum disorders.