The DIRFloortime® Model Explained by Dr. Greenspan
The following talks by Dr. Greenspan allows us to hear, directly from him, about Floortime.  He describes what it is and what it isn't.  This is an incredible group of talks that can really help expand our understand of the DIR® model and the DIRFloortime® approach. 


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Floortime: What it Really Is and What it Isn't
An overview of the Floortime component within the DIR® Model and the specific technique and general philosophy behind it.
Basic Elements and the Hardest Part of the DIRFloortime® Approach
Answering the question of how to follow the child's lead and challenge the child at the same time with the DIRFloortime® Approach.
Structure and Behavioral Goals of the  DIRFloortime® Program
Review of 6 behavior goals of DIR®/Floortime™, as an evidence based comprehensive structured program, with the overarching goal to improve functioning in the areas of core deficits.
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Floortime in Schools and Home: Formal Floortime and Floortime Philosophy in All Interactions
The differences between formal Floortime and Floortime in schools or home settings, and Floortime philosophy and how it relates to these settings.
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DIRFloortime® Basics Part I
Essential elements, based on the DIRFloortime® Model, that families need to provide for all children and the ABC's on how to achieve these elements.
DIRFloortime® Basics Part II
How to help a child reach the shared social problem solving phase of social emotional development and how to challenge the child to use ideas and how to get these ideas mobilized through the DIRFloortime® Model.
DIRFloortime® Basics Part III
How to help a child engage in more emotional themes when exploring new ideas and create logical thinking through the DIRFloortime® Model.
DIRFloortime® Basics Part IV
Based on the  DIRFloortime® Model, how to help a child reach multi-causal thinking, discussion of few essential principles for the caregivers to remember, and introduction to the steps of developing academic abilities.
DIRFloortime® Basics
Part V
How to help a child achieve higher levels of thinking and how challenging a child socially, emotionally, and intellectually can lead to academic mastery through steps based on the  DIRFloortime® Model.
DIRFloortime® Basics Part VI
How to challenge the child in order to achieve comparative thinking and the key principles for the caregiver to help achieve this higher level of thinking based on the  DIRFloortime® Model.