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Radio Shows: A Comprehensive Approach to ADHD

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The Importance of Helping Children to Achieve a Higher Level of Thinking
Why achieving higher levels of thinking for children is so important in overcoming ADHD, ADD and other attention-related challenges.
Audio Transcript
2/29/08 A Comprehensive Approach to ADHD and ADD A review of the capacities of the comprehensive approach to ADHD and ADD, including a brief overview of the influences from family dynamics and the physical environment. Audio Transcript
3/19/08 The Role of Emotions How emotions play a significant role in attention-related challenges as well as in learning to pay attention. Audio Transcript
3/26/08 Understanding Family Dynamics Common family and caregiver responses to children with ADHD, ADD, or regulatory sensory processing challenges, and suggestive coping strategies to help deal with these family dynamics. Audio Transcript
4/18/08 Physical Environment How the physical environment plays a role on attention-related and learning challenges. Audio Transcript
4/24/08 Improving Levels of Thinking How to enhance the level of thinking for children with attention-related challenges in order to improve their ability to focus, attend, and self-regulate. Audio Transcript
6/4/08 Self Esteem in Children Improving self-esteem in children with ADHD and ADD through a comprehensive program that includes understanding family dynamics, understanding the reasons for attention problems, and identifying areas that the child excels in. Audio Transcript
6/11/08 ADHD Programs for Adults How the comprehensive program for improving ADHD and other attention-related difficulties can be applied to adults and youth. Audio Transcript
12/24/08 ADHD: Making Sense of What You Hear How to help children make sense out of what they hear and how this sensory processing can be a source of inattention for children and adolescents. Audio Transcript