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The following is a sampling of some of the many webinars you will have access to when you help support ICDL in offering training opportunities around the world:

DIRFloortime in Schools & Self Advocacy Webinars

  • Neurodiversity: Implications for Service-Provision and Practice
    Guest Speaker: Ari Ne'eman, Founder Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN)
  • Learning to Read with Pleasure and Understanding: A Fairy Tale Curriculum Presenters: Barbara Dunbar, Ph.D., Rachel Leeper, MA, Kristin Srp, MS, The Rebecca School
  • Meaningful Math: Teaching the Underpinnings of Quantitative Thinking Presenter: Dave Nelson, MS, LPC, Director, DIRFloortime in Schools Initiative Executive Director, The Community School
  • Behavior: Not to be Extinguished but Understood. Respectful Strategies for Professionals Working in School Settings
    Presenter: Gil Tippy, Ph.D. Clinical Director, the Rebecca School
  • Written Expressions: Helping Students put Ideas on Paper
    Presenters: Elana Himmelfarb, MA, Learning and Transition Specialist, Dave Nelson MS, LPC, The Community School.
  • Affinities Based Learning: Harnessing the Power of Student Driven Ideas Presenters: Josephine Lindsley, MS, Learning Specialist & Dave Nelson, MS, LPC, The Community School
  • Parent and Children's Right to a Free and Appropriate Public Education with DIR ®Floortime™
    Presenter: Tina McCourt, LCSW-C, M.S., Ed, SAS, SDA; Program Director for the Rebecca School
  • Parenting Toward Acceptance Presenters:
    Brenda Rothman, Mother and Blogger
    Ariane Zucher, Mother and Blogger
  • Understanding Disability Policy:

    What the Autism Community Doesn't Think About

    Presenter: Ari Ne'eman, President and Cofounder of ASAN

    Does Inclusion Really Work?

    Presenter: Carol Quirk, Ed.D.,Co-Executive Director, Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education

    Two Parents Using Their Creative Talents

    to Disseminate Messages of Acceptance

    Presenters: Priscilla Gilman, Mother and Author, The Anti-Romantic Child. A Memoir of Unexpected Joy

    Todd Drezner, Father and Director of documentary film, Loving Lamppost.

    Perceived Aggression During Early Adolescence:

    What is Behind the Behavior and How to Prevent or Safely Respect Meltdowns


    Cecilia Breinbauer, MD, MPH, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Savannah Nicole Logsdon-Breakstone, Autistic Self-Advocate, blogger

    Lady Gaga, CATS the Musical and Sonic: Using Passions to Promote Peer Thinking and Relationships

    Presenter: Rae Leeper, M.A. in General and Special Education, Educational Supervisor, The Rebecca School

    Strategies from a Nutrition Detective

    Presenter: Kelly Dorfman, MS, LND Author of Cure Your Child with Food

    Difference is What Unites Us

    Presenter: Andrew Solomon, writer and lecturer, winner of the National Book Award

    Pride and Joy

    Presenter: Dr. Kenneth Barish, Author of Pride and Joy

Research in Action Webinars  

  • Identifying the precursors to joint attention: The subtleties of attention
    Presenters: Rosemary White,MS., OTR/L, Carrie Alvarado, BS., OTR/L, Elizabeth Marsh, MS, MOT, OTR/L, Cheryl Rock, M.Ed., SLP
  • States of Engagement that exist in the moment (STEEM) and Circles of Communication
    Presenters: Josh Feder, MD, Julie Sealy, MA., Melissa Grosvenor, MS., CCC-SLP, Dana Johnson, MS., OT, Bridget Turner, MA. 
  • The Impact of a PLAY-based, in-home parent intervention on the mental health of parents with young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): A randomized control study
    Presenters: Rick Solomon, MD, Jenene Craig, MBA, OTR/L, Wing Si Mok, MS., Christine Harkness, MS, Ed., Josh Feder, MD.
  • Learning Through Interaction in Children with Autism: Preliminary Data from a Social-Communication-Based Intervention
    Presenters: Devin M. Casenhiser, Stuart G. Shanker and Jim Stieben
  • Efficiency Studies:  Joining many clinics into networks for research
    Presenter: Josh Feder, MD
  • Single-Subject Designs – doing research in your own clinic
    Presenter: Josh Feder, MD
  • Lab Based Study of Critical Parts of Early Intervention
    Presenter: Josh Feder, MD
  • What Does it Look Like to Study A ‘Comprehensive’ Program?
    Presenter: Josh Feder, MD
  • ‘Early’ Efforts to Study Clinic Based Developmental Approaches
    Presenter: Josh Feder, MD
  • The Search for Relevant In Office Data Collection Presenter: Josh Feder, MD