Autism, Neurodiversity and Self-Determinatin

Working towards a more Inclusive Society

Morning Presentaitons

Embracing and Empowering Individuals with Learning Differences and Disabilities

Cecilia Breinbauer, MD, MPH, Director Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental & Learning Disorders

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Sensory-Friendly Concerts, "Equal Access to the Fine Arts"

Laura-Sun Cefaratti and CJ Shiloh

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Shaping an Inclusive World: Disability Rights, Neurodiversity and Public Policy

Ari Ne'eman, President and Co-Founder of Autistic Self-Advocacy Network, ASAN

 Diverse Brains, Common Needs: Stereotypes, Quality of Life, and the Broad Impact of Accommodation

Morton Gernsbacher, Ph.D., Vilas Research Professor, University of Wisconsin Madison

 Society Needs Diversity: Innovation, Globalization, Public Policy and Finding a Good Niche for Everyone.

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Josh Feder, MD, Director of Research, ICDL Graduate School


Rethinking Masculinity: Fathers of Children with Autism. Robert Naseef, Ph.D.

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 Autistic People, Speaking: Towards Reciprocity. Julia Bascom, The Loud Hands Project, ASAN

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 The World of Affect Across Cultures. Milagros Cordero, MS, OTR, Lorraine Ehlers-Flint, Ph.D., Julie Sealy, MSW, Romina Sustas, SLP, Shaily Atsmon, SLP, Cigdem Ergul, SLP, and Dewi Utama, MD

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Supporting Parents with Depression and Other Diagnosis. Ira Glovinsky, Ph.D., Cindy Puccio, MA, LCSW, Joyce Steinman, MA, CCC-SLP

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The Power of Affect in the Classroom. Dave Nelson, MS, Director, DIRFloortime in School Initiative and Barbara Dunbar, Ph.D.

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 DIRFloortime at Home: Meaningful Interactions for the Whole Family. Kathy Platzman, Ph.D. and Molly R. Witten, Ph.D.

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