Registration Fees for DIRFloortime® Training Program Courses

The following fees are the current fees for the core DIRFloortime® Training Program courses based on the online format.
In-person courses are based on the same fees, but may vary depending on local training logistics.

Standard Fees for Professionals

(Please scroll down for reduced fees for parents of children with special needs that audit the course and for review students.)


Registration Fee

DIR 101

Starting at $179

DIR  201


DIR  202


DIR  203


DIR  204



Review Course Registration Fee

When a student is not successful in exhibiting the full competencies expected in a courses 201-203, the student may re-take the same course at a reduced fee.  The current review fee for the 200 level courses is $429. 

Audit Registration Fee (Often Chosen by Parents of Children with Special Needs)

ICDL welcomes individuals that are not necessarily interested in earning a certificate but are interested in learning more about DIR Floortime® to audit courses.  There is no audit option for DIR 101.  The audit fee for DIR 201 – 203 is $429.  

Registration Fees  for Parents of Children with Autism

ICDL encourages parents to learn DIR Floortime and welcome parents to join our trainings.  Parents may audit courses 201, 202, or 203 for a registration fee of $429.  ICDL also offers discounts for the DIR 101 courses.  The registration fee for parents for the DIR 101 course are greatly dependent on the size of the training and the location.  As a result, the availability of a discount varies.  Please check our training calendar for available trainings.

Other Fees (Registration Fees, Certificate Fees, Continuing Education Fees, Etc)

The above overview of the registration fees for the core DIRFloortime® Training Program is not all-inclusive of all courses offered or all fees that may be applied. All fees are clearly marked for each course offered. 

All fees are subject to change without notice.  

DIR® is a registered trademark of ICDL. Professionals or providers can only list themselves as a DIR® professional, provider, educator or describe their workplace as a DIR® clinic, school or center with the written permission of ICDL. Participants who successfully complete courses offered by ICDL will receive a certificate that states the level of competencies they have demonstrated and how they can list themselves.