The ICDL DIRFloortime® Training Program is the original and official DIR® training program and is the world’s most recognized and respected DIR® training program. 

 It is important to note that all other official DIR trainings offered by other entities must be approved by ICDL to be eligible to utilize the DIR trademark and to qualify for an ICDL certificate.  If you do not see that the training you are considering is approved by ICDL, then you are not getting the official DIRFloortime training and ICDL may not have approved the use of the trademark.  The DIRFloortime Training Program has been developed over many years and is a comprehensive approach to teaching the DIR principles and Floortime approach  

The DIRFloortime Training Program is open to anyone who wants to learn the DIR® model and DIRFloortime® principles based on respectful, meaningful interactions that are tailored to individual differences and promote functional emotional developmental capacities and reflective thinking.

The training is offered through a series of incremental practicum courses that are available both online and in-person throughout the world. The curriculum allows participants to develop essential competencies, so that they can apply this model in their own communities, as soon as they finish each of the practicum courses. Participants receive a certificate after successfully completing each practicum course and they are listed on the ICDL website based on their levels of competencies.

The DIRFloortime® training model efficiently and effectively meets the needs of those who want to start using DIRFloortime® principles in their communities, and make a difference in the lives of so many children and adults while being respectful of their interests and right for self-determination.

There are 5 levels of the DIRFloortime Certificate Program.  These 5 levels are as follows:

  • DIRFloortime® Basic Certificate (DIR-Basic)
  • DIRFloortime® Certificate of Proficiency (DIR-Proficient)
  • DIRFloortime® Advanced Certificate (DIR-Advanced)
  • DIRFloortime® Expert Certificate (DIR-Expert)
  • DIRFloortime® Expert Training Leader (DIR-Expert/Trainer)
Advanced Certificate holders can choose to take DIR 204B instead of 204A and become Expert DIRFloortime providers, but not a Training Leader.  Training Leaders are qualified to teach DIR and DIRFloortime courses. 

The Basic and Intermediate levels are intended to either be steps in the training process towards earning an Advanced or Expert Certificate or for parents, para-professionals, and professionals that will be implementing DIRFloortime, but not supervising or directing others in the model.  While most parents and para-professionals would not progress past the intermediate level, it is highly recommended that any professional that practices independently in their respective field or supervises others obtain either an Advanced or Expert level certificate. 

 We invite you to review the following pages for more information: 

Important Notes:

DIR® is a registered trademark of ICDL. Professionals or providers can only list themselves as a DIR® professional, provider, educator or describe their workplace as a DIR® clinic, school or center with the written permission of ICDL. Participants who successfully complete courses offered by ICDL will receive a certificate that states the level of competencies they have demonstrated and how they can list themselves.

While ICDL does not restrict access to DIR and DIRFloortime courses based on education, degrees, or professional licenses, it is each individual person’s responsibility to ensure that they are only practicing or working within the legal and ethical scope of their professional field and the country, state, district, or region they practice.