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The DIR® model continues to become more and more accepted as a fundamental foundation for understanding childhood development.  As it grows, more and more resources become available.  This includes private practitioners, schools, centers, programs, and universities.  ICDL is in the process of expanding the listings on this website, so please check back often for updates.
Are you a DIRFloortime Provider and want to become listed in the directory and receive the ICDL Verified badge?

Information on Becoming Listed

DIR Practitioners
All successful graduates of the DIRFloortime Training Program that earn at least a Basic Certificate become listed in our directory and receive the ICDL Verified badge for one year.  After a year, practitioners will need to attest to attending appropriate continuing education courses.  If you have been trained in DIR or Floortime somewhere else and would like us to review your credentials for ICDL Verification, please sign up for a listing in the directory and request ICDL Verification.

DIR Schools & Organizations
If you are a school or organization providing DIR/Floortime services, you may be eligible to become recognized by ICDL as a verified DIR school or organization.  Please sign up for a listing in the directory and request ICDL verification.  The requirements vary depending on the size of the school or organization, but if your school or organization has sufficient trained staff and is actively using a DIRFloortime approach, you may qualify. 

DIR University Programs
Search our directory for ICDL recognized Universities that offer programs that provide DIR teachings and may provide DIRFloortime certification as part of the program.  This is a newly developing part of the ICDL recognition and vertification program.  The university list will be expanding over the next year.  Stay tuned.  If you are from a university and you would like to have your program reviewed by ICDL for recognition, please list your program in our directory and request ICDL verification.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further, please contact us at