Building Floortime Families: Information and Courses for Parents and Caregivers
We at ICDL know that when a parent is searching the web and reading our website, there are probably more questions and emotions that are present than any web page could ever address.  We know that most parents are reading our website because they are looking for answers to help their child.  There may be an autism diagnosis that has been given or a parent may have been told that their child has a "special need."  It can be a very difficult, complicated, confusing, and draining process as a parent to seek out answers and resources.  We have found though, that no matter the exact situation or diagnosis, there is one common theme that parents come to us with - they just want their child to be happy and they want to know how best to help their child continually strive towards their fullest potential. 

DIRFloortime has been used for over 2 decades now and the results from clinical practice and research have been impressive.  Bottom line, it works!  At one time in the past, all we had were behavioral approaches to helping our children.  It was OK, but clearly did not provide all the answers.  As we have learned more and more about child development, we have learned how effective developmental and relationship-based methods like DIRFloortime can be.  It is a huge step beyond just controlling behaviors.

Courses and Support for Parents and Caregivers

Building Floortime Families: An Introduction to DIR® and DIRFloortime®
Next course begins January 30, 2018  

Supporting Floortime Families: A Peer Support Group for Parents
Next group begins on March 27, 2018  

Visit Our Partner Website Specifically for Parents

There are many incredible resources on the internet and in many communities that can help parents.  We encourage you to take a look at the resources and information shown below and see what makes sense to you as a parent. 

What is DIR®?

Educational Intervention

Interacting with Autism:  A very informative site with many videos that are educational, moving, and inspiring. 

Autistic-Like, Graham's Story
:  A story of two parents helping their child with Autism-like challenges.   

Inspiring and Helpful Videos

Being in the Moment by Mike Fields

Self-regulation is different than self-control.  Read this helpful guide on Self Regulation by Stuart Shanker

Do you need to find a Floortime professional? 

The ICDL Provider DIRectory

Find professionals, parents, schools, an other centers and organizations that work

within a DIR framework and/or use DIRFloortime as an intervention and support.