ICDL 2015 Annual Report Snapshot


2015 was a great year for ICDL.  We saw significant expansion in our DIRFloortime® Training Program and expanded the number of courses offered worldwide onsite and online.  During 2015 the main areas of focus for ICDL was on training and education, advocacy and outreach, and research.  Below are some highlights for each.  These areas of focus all are centered on the ICDL mission and vision.

To engage in, develop, conduct, support, and disseminate programs, training, research, seminars, and publications on the prevention and treatment of emotional and development challenges in infancy and childhood.

To redefine and promote each child's development to their fullest potential.

Furthermore, the activities for 2015 were also guided by the following broad organizational goals:

We Strive to...
1.  Promote the developmental and relationship-based model of DIR®.
2.  Make DIRFloortime® available and accessible to all children and families.
3.  Train and educate parents and professionals around the world in DIRFloortime®.
4.  Help every child achieve his or her fullest potential.
5.  Provide the tools and supports needed by parents and caregivers to promote their child's development to their fullest potential. 
6.  Respect and embrace each person's individual differences.
7.  Promote collaboration and coordination amongst DIR® professionals and organizations.

ICDL is led by an incredible team that includes dedicated trustees, administrators, training leaders, and advisors.  You can see a listing of the full team by clicking here

Training & Education
  • Year-over-year, ICDL had a 38% increase in the DIRFloortime® Training Program with a total annual revenue of $390,370.
  • Year-over-year, ICDL had a 146% increase in revenue from licensed DIR® courses worldwide. 
  • ICDL expanded its course offerings to include many additional courses in languages other than English.  
  • During 2015, ICDL offered DIR® courses in dozens of countries on every continent on the globe besides Antarctica.
  • ICDL expanded our professional continuing education credit offerings to include NBCC and NASW in addition to AOTA and ASHA.  This allows a broader array of professionals to obtain professional continuing education credits when attending ICDL courses or conferences. 
Advocacy & Outreach

ICDL continually took steps in 2015 to advocate for parent choice and access to Floortime™ for all children and families worldwide.  A few examples from 2015 include:
  • ICDL presented and/or exhibited at conferences around the United States such as the Autism Society National Conference and the United States Autism and Asperger's Association National Conference. 
  • ICDL continues to lobby and advocate for legislative reform that provides for parent choice and access to Floortime™ services. 
  • ICDL sponsored the development of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network's Behavioral Healthcare Toolkit which provides guidance for self-advocates, families, policy makers, and insurance companies on coverage for services such as Floortime™.  
  • Gil Tippy, ICDL's Director of Advocacy, and Jeff Guenzel, ICDL's CEO, presented at a national meeting of the National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disability Services on the importance of Floortime™ being a real option for families. 

ICDL did not directly fund research in 2015, however we actively dialogued with researchers from around the world and worked to help coordinate the compilation of research to meet the criteria for Floortime™ to be deemed evidence-based.  Click here for a short overview of the evidence that exists that supports Floortime™ being considered evidence-based.


ICDL's total revenue in 2015 was $520,551.*
ICDL's total expenses in 2015 were $615,361.*

*The above figures match the ICDL 2015 990 and are reported on an accrual basis.  Because some cash revenue in 2015, including funding associated with the sale of the ICDL graduate school, was accounted for in earlier years, the accrual accounting shows an overall loss for 2015 that does not represent the actual cash flow.  ICDL was able to fully fund all of our endeavors in 2015.