Parent Networks and Information

Join Our Parent Network

ICDL wants to highlight the extraordinary e-lists, websites and repository  open and available to Floortime parents and professionals – or those who wish to learn more, to network and to grow.  There are many groups listed here and we urge you to join in and participate. We know that there are many more regional parent groups, e-groups and websites out there with a DIRFloortime™ focus and we would love to learn more about you so please write in and tell us about yourselves.

We are very interested in listening to  your needs, so that we can incorporate new ideas to develop more resources for parents.. Please contact Mike Fields, who is helping to gather your suggestions and strengthen the DIRFloortime™ parent network.

Online DIRFloortime™ Groups, Blogs and Websites

  • Floortime Repository
    An extensive online resource for therapists and parents to help in there organization and collaboration through video, helpful links and message groups bringing them together under one social network
  • Floortime Yahoo Group
    Founded in 1999
    A  forum for parents and professionals to discuss all topics related to the practice of DIR therapy. 
    2007 members!
  • Floortimers Yahoo Group
    Founded in 2005
    A forum for parents and professionals to specifically discuss the practice of DIR therapy (without complementary topics such as: biomedical or research or other treatment methodologies).
    609 members!
  • Floortime Australia
    Founded February 2007
    List serve for professionals and families working with the DIRFloortime™ Approach who are living within Australia and the geographical region.
  • Flooritme MA – Greater Boston Floortime Group
    This is a closed group for Boston Area Floortime Group
  • Chapel Hill Floortime
    Founded 2/2007
    A discussion forum connected to the Chapel Hill Floortime Group.  Meetings are held monthly in Chapel Hill, NC, but attendance at these meetings not a requirement for participating in this online group. 
  • FloortimeSanDiego
    Founded May 2007
    This is a forum for people in the San Diego or Southern California region who are learning DIRFloortime and want to share their experiences, ask questions and share ideas/information.