What is ICDL?

The Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning (ICDL) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting each person's development to their fullest potential.  Through the genius and leadership of Dr. Stanley Greenspan, ICDL was formed nearly 30 years ago and became the official home of DIR® and DIRFloortime®. DIRFloortime is recognized as the next generation of evidence-based intervention for autism and other developmental challenges.


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What is DIRFloortime?

D.I.R. Floortime (also known as Floortime) is an intervention that is used to promote an individual's development through a respectful, playful, joyful, and engaging process. It uses the power of relationships and human connections to promote engagement, communication, positive behaviors, and thinking. It is based on the DIR® model that was developed by Dr. Stanley
Greenspan and his colleagues.  It is used around the world by teachers, occupational therapists, speech therapists, mental health professionals, parents, and many others that care for individuals with developmental challenges or other related needs.  It is an evidence-based approach to promoting human development that is used with children, young adults, and even adults...especially those on the autism spectrum.



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Parents' Perspectives...

Discovering DIR Floortime was a confirmation of my natural instinct. To experience and nurture my angel naturally allowed him to shine.
-Jamie, proud mother of two angels 

I, for the first time, feel empowered as a parent to continue to support my son's developmental growth!
- Parent Participant in the Building Floortime Families course

 What is Autism? 
A Great Explanation from "Ask an Autistic"

Did you like Amythest's "What is Autism" video?  Go to our Advocacy page to see her What is ABA? video...it is so important to hear the perspectives of those on the spectrum.  Also, you can visit our About Autism page for more information too. 

ICDL is the Home of DIR® & DIRFloortim®
ICDL offers the original and official DIR® and DIRFloortime® certificate courses. Don't get misled by others. DIR, DIRFloortime, and Floortime are trademarks of ICDL, Inc. in the United States and/or internationally. ICDL has an approved network of trainers and training centers around the world. Make sure your course is approved by ICDL and meets our quality, fidelity, and curriculum standards. Questions? Just e-mail us at info@icdl.com or call us at 301-304-8834.

Pronunciation Note

"DIR" is an initialism form of an acronym meaning that each letter is stated rather than pronouncing it as a word. So, "DIR" is pronounced "D" "I" "R". "ICDL" is the same way and each letter is stated rather than pronouncing it as a single word.

We need to take a less narrow look at our children’s problems and, instead, see them as windows of opportunity—a way of exploring and understanding all facets of our children’s development. If we can understand the underlying developmental process, we can see a child’s struggles as signs of striving toward growth instead of chronic problems or attempts to aggravate adults.  -Stanley Greenspan, MD

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